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Most Valuable Football Cards Sold on eBay – Early to Mid September

Here we go with another look at the most valuable football cards to sell on eBay in early to mid September, 2009. 1)  1965 Topps Joe Namath Rookie Card, # 122, Graded PSA 8 - Sold for $5652.52 to the highest bidder on September 12.  Something a little odd about that selling price, no?  Nice card though of Broadway Joe. Namath Rookie 2)  2005 SP Authentic Aaron Rodgers Autographed Patch Rookie Card, #252, Serial numberd to 99, Ungraded - Sold for $2499.99 on September 15th, with a Best Offer.  Nice card with some stitching on the patch in the card.  I'd personally value the Payton / Sanders card listed further down on this list, over this one though. A Rodgers Rookie Auto Patch 3)  1981 Topps Joe Montana Rookie Card , Graded BGS 9.5 - Sold on eBay for the best offer of $2,300 on September 11.  Not gonna find too many 1981 Topps Montana Rookie Cards graded higher than this.  Joe is arguably the best quaterback of all-time, and this is certainly one of the all-time best football rookie cards. 81 topps montano 4)  1999 Donruss Elite, Walter Payton / Barry Sanders Dual Passing the Torch Autographed (on-card) Card - Sold to the highest bidder for $2,024 on September 15th.  This card is serial numbered to 1500, but it's indicated by the seller that only the first 100 cards of the set were signed.  A card with signatures from two of the top five running back of all-time, it's no wonder this card sold for the amount it did.

Most Valuable Football Cards Sold on eBay – Late July to Early August

Below you'll find the most valuable football cards that have sold on eBay as of late July to early August, 2009. These are single cards only. There are some lots of football cards and football card sets that may have sold for more money. 1) Jim Thorpe Cut Auto, 2007 Playoff, Numbered 1 of 1 - This card sold for $5,600 to the highest bidder on July 30. Certainly worth the money, if you can spare it, for a football card of one of the best, if not THE best athletes of the 20th century. 2) Jim Thorpe Cut Auto, 2007 National Treasures, Numbered 1 of 1 - This football card sold for $4,500 on August 2nd. See the comments above, as they apply here too. thorpe national treasures 07 3) Matt Ryan Logo Patch Auto Rookie Card, 2008 Upper Deck Exquisite, Numbered to 99 - This football card sold on August 1st with a best offer of $4,500. Gotta admit that this is a sweet card. Think rookie cards aren't valuable anymore? Think again.